One Great Hour of Sharing Fish Banks



  It’s FISH BANK time!!
One Great Hour of Sharing Fish Banks

        Are Swimming Your Way!

For 75 years, One Great Hour of Sharing has
provided Presbyterians a way to share God’s love with our neighbors in need around the world.

Millions of people lack access to sustainable food sources, clean water,           sanitation, education, and opportunityMoney collected in the Fish Banks will CREATE access! Your Change will literally “Change” Lives and Communities!

Fish Banks are available to all!
Fish Banks are a fun way for children, youth, and families to live out their faith during Lent as they participate in the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering. It’s wonderful to know that our coins and dollars will bring relief to people when they are experiencing a crisis. We can be like the boy who gave his loaves and fish (John 6:9-13). God will multiply our gifts!

Please return your Fish Banks by Palm Sunday, March 24.
 Make sure to include your name so you can receive tax credit.



CLICK HERE for all the information about this amazing mission.