Maui Fire Help

Special Offering for Waiola Church, Maui

Thank you to all!


We collected a special offering for Waiola Church which was burned to the ground along with so many homes and buildings during the recent fires on Maui. Tom and Sue Fox have attended this church over the years, so we know the need is great and every donation is greatly appreciated. Waiola Church is 200 years old, and the first Christian church on Maui.  

From an article in the Te Ao Māori News:

“Initially established in 1823, the church stands as one of the oldest places of Christian  worship in Hawaii. Its historical roots intertwine with the island’s transformation during a critical period of change, as it witnessed the arrival of Christian missionaries and the subsequent introduction of new religious and social dynamics.

‘That’s where our Hawaiian constitution was written, and that’s where our Ali’i (chiefs) were buried--to see it in flames… We just cried,’ [local resident Ikaika] Mendez says.”

For further info on the history and significance of this church, and the pastor’s inspiring comments, follow the link from USA Today below: