Delivered By
Pastor Randy
Delivered On
October 2, 2022
Central Passage
Genesis 49:1-2, 28



World Communion Sunday ~ October 2, 2022 
was Pastor Randy
's last Sunday leading Worship at JKPC.  
CLICK HERE for YouTube link for the Worship Service
(we recorded our Facebook Live Service on an iPhone,
so it will look & sound a little different)

Pastor Randy’s message is titled “Blessings Abound" and is based on Genesis 49:1-2, 28.
CLICK HERE for the Order of Worship


CLICK HERE for the Special "Pastor Randy's GREAT ADVENTURE" Passing the Peace  Video


And, CLICK HERE for some pictures of Sunday's Worship Service and Luncheon. 

Blessings to Pastor Randy & Joan!! 





Open House Gratitude Gathering
for Pastor Randy & Joan
Save the Date: Saturday, October 15 from 1-5 p.m.

Sue & Tom Fox are holding an Open House for all to say one last goodbye to Pastor Randy and Joan!  All are welcome to drop by! 
  3475 Smallwood Court in Pleasanton.