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World Vision Child


Update from

JKPC’s World-Vision Sponsored Child

Christelle Cabrouet in Covihoy, Haiti


           March 18, 2018

           Dear Sponsor,

           Greetings to you. It’s with a lot of joy that I write you just to thank you for all that you do for me and for the gift of $100 that you sent to me. With it, I bought clothes and a
suitcase I needed. I thank you lots.
I love you so much. I pray that God bless you and keep you healthy.






2015 Annual Progress Report on Our World-Vision Sponsored Child:
Christelle Cabrouet in Covihoy, Haiti


Christelle is  in grade four and she learned to read at a higher level this year  - we can tell that one of her favorite books is “Curious George!”  Her community was even able to build a new school last year, too!

She loves to play with her cat, which is her most precious possession.  She shared that her favorite sport is playing soccer—and she wants to know which sports the JKPC kids like to play! 

Chrsitelle shared that her family loves to joke around together and it is her mother who encourages her the most. Her health is satisfactory and World Vision is improving her health with regular medical check ups.

Christelle hopes to be a nurse in the future and she sent JKPC the following message:  
                    I love you forever.

Maybe JKPC can write Christelle a letter telling her about the sports that we enjoy and we can send her some pictures of her JKPC family?  For more info and pictures of Christelle, please view the 
bulletin board in the church lobby.



2014 Missions Update From
Christelle in Haiti

Christelle is our congregation’s World Vision sponsored child in Haiti. We sent a special monetary gift to Christelle and her family for Christmas. This summer we received this photo and the following thank you letter from Christelle and her family:  

                Dear Sponsor,
                Hello!  How are you with all of your family?

                Thank you for $150 US you sent to me.  With this sum,
                I bought a goat & the rest used for other needs of the family.

                 May God shed many benedictions on your family.   Thanks.

 Thank you for your generous support of Christelle through our missions giving.  Our sponsorship enables her to attend school and to receive health education and annual check ups.

With a grateful heart,  Joan McGrady-Beach - Missions Elder



2014 Annual Progress Report on Our World-Vision Sponsored Child:
Christelle Cabrouet in Covihoy, Haiti


Christelle is in grade three.  Her favorite color is green.  Her favorite sport is jumping rope and her favorite fruit is an orange. This year Christelle’s health has been satisfactory and she has received a Vitamin A supplement.  Christelle sent us the following message:                “Je vous aime.  I love you.








During the past year, those of us who have sponsored children through World Vision in the Covihoy area of Haiti, have made possible the following:

School tuition and supplies:
            4,085 children and young people received school grants.
            1,000 children and young people participated in spiritual enrichment activities.
School improvement projects
            Youth enjoy the World Vision computer center.
            Youth received training in carpentry, computers, and sewing at the World Vision  vocational center.
Clean water

Improved health facility and care:
            4,100 children received medical check-ups during this period.
            50 malnourished children have recovered.
            160 orphans and vulnerable children found support in the program during this period.
Agriculture and food security:
            10,000 forest tree seedlings and 5,000 fruit trees were produced during the period.
            50 families received appropriate support in the installation of erosion control structures
                on the slopes and in the gullies.
           6 veterinary officers were trained.

Please continue to pray for Christelle, her family and the residents of the Covihoy community during this new year.  Thank you for making Christelle’s support possible through your generosity and faithful giving.

With a grateful heart,       Joan McGrady-Beach, Missions Elder



Christelle 2013