Randy's Reflections
April 1, 2019, 1:11 PM

Still Rolling Stones - April Reflection

Still Rolling Stones



I love musicals. I had a number of vinyl records before they became obsolete. They sparked my love of discovering songs that inspire me. Some of those songs not only speak to my soul, but also become mottos for living. When I was in high school I loved listening to and, when no one was listening, singing “To Dream the Impossible Dream.” It spoke of having a purpose in life which would inspire one to reach for the stars.

In the eighties I was inspired by the then new musical “Les Miserable.” The protagonist, Jean Valjean, is unfairly imprisoned for 19 years for stealing a single loaf of bread.  Once released he is filled with resentment and anger and grows cautious and callous towards the rest of the world, but then. . . But then, Valjean is shown grace by a bishop, who lies to give Valjean another chance in life. Valjean begins a journey of promise which makes him a successful businessman, but his life is only truly changed when he begins a new quest, the quest of caring for an orphaned girl. The song, “What Have I Done?” tells of the beginning of his new life of promise, a life that is renewed, much like the renewal I need periodically, that is a belief in God’s redeeming grace.

This winter I heard a song for the first time which speaks even more deeply to my soul and shares images of the grace we receive from God, a grace that helps us become truly alive. The song is by a new cross-over artist (a singer who sings Christian songs but who also reaches a secular audience) named Lauren Daigle. She shares in this song, as well as others, the shame, despair, and hopelessness we all feel at some point in our lives, but she reminds us that we aren’t left there. She reminds us that Jesus comes to us, loves us, serves us, and raises us up to become truly alive. The song which has become my theme song during this Lenten season is “Still Rolling Stones.”    CLICK HERE to listen to the song.

The words remind us of the first resurrection on which we place our faith as well as God’s ongoing work of bringing life out of death.

So what gives you inspiration? What picks you up when you are down? In what do you hope?

I look forward to our Sunday celebrations each week when  we get to hear how God’s presence has entered our lives and given us new hope. I look forward to sharing with you the joy and wonder around us as we rise up to live life to the full. I look forward to this coming Easter when we will hear about stones still being rolled away to set the captives free. God is still rolling stones (away from the graves in which we feel trapped).

Looking forward to celebrating with you this week and every week,

Pastor Randy