Randy's Reflections
July 28, 2019, 1:00 PM


    Last Sunday during our VBS Sunday extravaganza I talked about the most important rule or the most important button in a video game. That button is the pause button or that rule is to take a moment out of each day, in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening to pause.

    After a week long vacation at Pinecrest Lake I had some time to pause. I had sometime to relax, to be present with loved ones, and most importantly to be present with God. I hope that you were able to pause for just a moment this last week and I encourage you to consider taking a moment to pause each week to just listen to the world around you and most importantly to listen to God.

    Last spring I took a picture of the morning sunrise, but it wasn’t till I gazed at this photo recently that I saw the lettering painted on the street at that intersection. I encourage you to take a moment today, or tomorrow, or maybe even daily to pause to reflect on God’s presence who is always right beside you.

    Have a blessed week,

    Pastor Randy

    P.S. The lettering is hard to see, but it spells backwards "STOP."