Randy's Reflections
November 2, 2018, 6:05 PM

Pastor Randy's November Reflection

Count Your Blessings!!!


           We are in the midst of fall. School is in full swing. Most of the trees have turned colors. We are starting to move from

Halloween parties to making plans for Thanksgiving. Some of us are trying to reorganize our lives as it seems that Fall has blown our plans awry. We are hoping that we can reestablish those things we had planned to make our priority before we encounter the hectic weeks before Christmas.

Those who have family around are realizing that while our families are wonderful most of the time, they are truly messy. The role we play in that messy family seems to be shifting as unexpected events arise or relationships change. Some of us forgot that important birthday, others mourn the friends who have left us even while we celebrate new friends who have come into our lives.

Yet even in the midst of all that chaos, there are moments that we can celebrate. The first tooth is gone. The surgery is behind us, and the recovery is progressing well. The new job is working out, and the car seems to be running smoothly, be it older or newer (except for some of those apps they put on the dashboard). Still, things are looking up and we believe that Thanksgiving will be great.

This is all part of life. There are ups and downs, there are joys and sorrows, there are unexpected blessings and disappointing losses. Yet the thing I like about the month of Thanksgiving, is that it calls me to count my blessings.

Some of us are “the glass is half empty” people and some of us are “the glass is half full” people. Yet, even if your glass is half empty, blessings inevitably come along. So often, when I get a bit overwhelmed and pray for God to send some relief, there is a moment or a person or an event that cheers me up. Perhaps this is a bit simple, but I find that when I take off my blinders and enlarge my vision, things don’t seem so bad. When I can open my eyes and ears to the world around me instead of focusing strictly on myself, I gain a new perspective.

So, let us not discount the struggles we have in life, but let’s not be shackled by them either. Here is a quote I heard recently from former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor who was recently diagnosed with dementia at age 88:


While the final chapter of my life with dementia may be trying, nothing has diminished my gratitude and deep appreciation for the countless blessings in my life.


Praying that you will take time to count your blessings and find some way you can bless someone who needs to hear from you,     Pastor Randy