Randy's Reflections
January 30, 2019, 4:50 PM

Pastor Randy's February Reflection

Listening for God

            Have you ever spoken to God – perhaps not even with a prayer, but with an exclamation? “Thank God!” “God bless you!” “Praise God!” Are these words spoken to people, or are they directed to the One above all others? Has God ever spoken to you? Have you ever heard from God? Hearing God is a book by Dallas Willard that explores God’s words to us. Perhaps a better question is not when has God spoken to you, but, rather, when have you listened to God?

There are myriad distractions all around us and competing words that interfere with our
hearing, but sometime we need to ask ourselves, do we really want to hear from God? Am I afraid of what God would say to me if I really listened? I truly think that God wants us to know that we are his children and, since we are his children, that he truly loves us. That is the first and foremost word that God wants us to hear, but I also believe that God wants us to be partners in the redemption of this world, or making the world whole, Tikkun Olam (the Hebrew phrase which means restoring, or
actually repairing, the world).

To do this we need to listen to God. For the next four weeks, at this writing, I plan to explore the four “C’s” of God’s words to us: the Great Confession, the Great Commandment, the Great
Courtroom, and the Great Commission. All four “words” are found in the gospel of Matthew (chapters 16, 22, 25, and 28). They are timeless truths that define our relationship with God Almighty and our fulfillment of the destiny he intends for us.

Though I have cited them in the order in which they appear in Matthew, they may be better
understood if we work back through the gospel. Like an onion that has numerous layers, as we move closer to the center the aroma, the profundity of these words, will become more acute.

These words appear simple at first reading, but as each of us explores their meaning and effect on our lives, we may find a richness we never imagined. I hope that as we explore these words
together, you will share the insights you gain as you listen to God, and I will do the same.

A relationship requires give and take, offering and receiving, listening and conversing. Let us learn what God has to say to us so we can respond with grateful prayers of thanksgiving.


Pastor Randy