October Randy's Reflection
October 3, 2018, 4:51 PM

Family life is portrayed differently in current popular entertainment media than it was fifty years ago.

Fifty years ago we had television shows that pictured the “ideal” family. On those shows there were no worries about employment, sickness, and conflict. I’m thinking of “Father Knows Best,” “Leave it to Beaver,” “Ozzie and Harriet” and others. It appeared as if interactions between family members were never strained nor was there any conflict that couldn’t be quickly resolved by a wise parent.

Today we have a different view of what makes up an “ideal” family. No longer is there one universally-accepted traditional family model. Yet, even though family models and daily family life differ greatly from fifty years ago, we still deal with age-old familiar issues. In fact, even though most of us live in a different culture than those in Bible times, we still exhibit the same kinds of character issues people have struggled with for millennia.

In our current families, we still have trouble telling the truth; we are envious of others (in our family or outside our family) because of their looks, material goods, or circumstances; and we struggle with what people expect of us, be it family or friends.

When God asked Abraham to begin a new life and a new family, it wasn’t because Abraham was perfect or had all the tools to forge the perfect family. What Abraham did possess, however, was the willingness to take a risk or two, and he had faith in this God who wanted something more for him and his family.

In a couple of weeks we will begin a study which will explore the people and families of God found in the Genesis narrative. We will look at the challenges and choices people in God’s family made. Then we will look for ways we can learn from them about faith – faith in a God who wants us to be part of his family.

The “Messy Family” is not messy because of God, but because of us. The good news is that even when we mess up, God has a way to help us get back on track or even start on the right track for the first time. As part of God’s family we will always live with the tension of making good choices. There are reasons why sometimes we don’t make good choices, but God wants us to make good choices or find ways we can return back to good choice making.

This all-church study will be one where we can share our insights in small groups in which we already participate or in a new small group. Be sure to let Terry Han know if you are willing to host a group, lead a group, or participate in a group. Sign ups are at the Welcome Table.

I look forward to exploring the Genesis narrative with you. I am confident that as we learn
together, we will find new ways to encourage each other in our faith and we will find a new connection with the God of the universe who longs for us to be part of God’s entire messy family.

Blessings, Pastor Randy


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