December 2018   
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Pledge Time for 2019




The deadline to turn in pledge cards has been extended to Sunday, December 9th as only 30 pledge cards out of 116 households have been received to date (a 26% response rate).

Out of the 30 pledge cards received, a total of $101,250 has been pledged (or 29%) toward the targeted 2019 pledge budget figure of $347,761. We are far short in total expected pledge cards and total congregational pledges.

Our Session graciously asks you to turn in your pledge cards so that we can base our final budget on the best estimates of incoming pledges for 2019 as possible. We ask that you consider a 2019 pledge amount that corresponds to your current financial situation. On a yearly basis, your pledges account for about 79% of our total church income.

CLICK HERE to see the Proposed 2019 Budget

Overall budget and staff salary cuts are expected if we fall short of our 2019 budgeted income figures.

At this time last year, we had received 66 pledge cards and total pledges of $253,000.

The Congregational Meeting to present the final 2019 budget is still scheduled for December 16th following worship.

Additional pledge cards will be available at this coming Sunday’s worship or by clicking HERE. Jared Shaffer, the Finance Elder, will be available after the service to answer any questions that you may have. You can also reach him at 

You can e-mail your pledge card directly to Teresa Karlson, our Treasurer, at or drop the pledge card at the church office.

As a note, Teresa is the only person who sees your individual pledged amounts. Only total pledging households and total pledged amounts are reported to Session.

If you don’t plan on pledging for 2019, we still ask you to contact Teresa with this information.

Thank you for your time as we work toward planning for the future of our church community.