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Pastor Randy
Date: December 2, 2018
   December 2018   
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Randy McGrady-Beach

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Welcome to John Knox Presbyterian Church.

Our mission statement is to know and honor God and follow the Son while loving and serving others.

Please join us Sunday mornings at our 9:30 a.m. Worship Service. We offer a blended worship that both honors our tradition with a choir and organ as well as embraces the more contemporary music style lead by our Praise Band. We celebrate our freedom in Christ by respecting all people and challenging everyone to explore true faithfulness.

Our church offers a variety of opportunities to grow in faith and become connected with each other through grace filled fellowship. We would be remiss in our calling as believers if we did not also encourage, equip, and offer opportunities to serve our communities.  The mission of God is our mission and we seek to live out that mission first in our church and then into our communities and finally beyond our country's borders.

We would love to walk this journey with you, we hope to see you this Sunday.

Administrative Assistant

Mary Chervet

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Administrative Assistant

Rene Phillips

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Benevolence Treasurer

Teresa Karlson

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Eric Loofbourrow

Director, Joy Preschool and Daycare

Lisa Merrell

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Director, John Knox Co-Op Preschool

Leslie James

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Children's Ministry Leader

Kevin Standart

Session Members

Current Session Members (Elders)


Adult Education                   Leslie James                                  

Community Life, Men          Chet Wehe III     

Community Life, Women     JoAnn Parker                

Family Ministries                 Jim Coll                            

Finance                                 Jared Shaffer (Corporate Treasurer)

Human Resources               Mike Karlson

Missions                               Joan McGrady-Beach

Outreach                               Kim Kraft

Property                                Mark Polcyn

Co-Property                          Bob Beebe & Jim Adler

Worship                                Sue King-Irwin 

Worship                                (open position)

Moderator                            Pastor Randy McGrady-Beach

Clerk of Session                  Peter McIntyre


Board of Deacons

John Knox Presbyterian Deacon Team
July 01, 2017 – June 30, 2018




Year listed indicates when their term ends (in June).


Nancy Wilber, 2018 and Brian Wilber, 2019     

Debbie Roe, 2018    Vice-Moderator

Kathy Snowden, 2018     Treasurer

Paula Miller, 2018    Secretary

Elise O’Connell, 2018    Prayer Chain & Deacons’ Coffee

Elaine Barrett, 2018       Home Visitation Coordinator

Nancie Maxwell, 2018      Meals Coordinator

Dale Pelz, 2019               Transportation Coordinator

Robin Townsend, 2019          Hospital/Rehab Coordinator

Anne Neckar , 2020             Events Coordinator

Allean Husted, 2020            Cards Coordinator