January 2019   
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Bring in your Flea Market & Clothing Donations beginning this Sunday. Flea Market, Craft Fair & Clothing Drive is November 10.

Bring in your Flea Market & Clothing Donations beginning this Sunday. Flea Market, Craft Fair & Clothing Drive is November 10.

Clean your Closets....  Bring in your items in beginning this Sunday! 


All Church Flea Market,
Craft Fair & 
Clothes Donation Drive at JKPC!

Saturday, November 10 from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.


FIVE Great Ways You Can Participate!

1.  Donate items for JKPC to sell at the church booth.  We’ll take those dishes, knick-knacks, working electrical items, linens, records, etc. 
You can bring items into Fellowship Hall this Sunday, Monday after 12 p.m., Wednesday after 12 p.m., all day Thursday, Friday after 12 p.m. (Please do not bring items on Tuesday - Fellowship Hall is a polling place).  If the hall is not open, there will be a drop-off table outside the glass door.  Large items like furniture? Call Kim Kraft to arrange drop off.   


2. Donate bagged clothing for our Clothing Drive.  Please place the bags in Room C beginning this Sunday. If Room C is locked, please place bagged clothing outside Room C on the donation table. Donated clothing will be sent to a local donation facility and JKPC will receive fund based on the weight of clothing we collect.

Note: We are also once again holding a Coat Drive for Love-a-Child Missions. There will be a special container by the office for coats. 




3. Want to sell your own stuff?  
    Rent a double-parking space in the parking lot for $25
Sell your own items and keep the funds.  Please plan to be at your booth from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.   Set-up must be completed by 7:45 a.m., as you will need to move your vehicle to the street.  Bring your own table please.



4.   Craft Fair Vendors can rent a space in Fellowship Hall for $20 - you are invited to sell homemade items or your products - knit items, jewelry, Christmas crafts, etc. Spread the word! 
Some great vendors will be here - come get prepared for the holidays!  



5. Volunteer to help at this event by organizing inventory during the week, setting up tables the day of the event, helping sell items and collect funds at the JKPC table, labeling items, providing information, etc.  Talk to Kim Kraft to see how you can help.  :) 


CLICK HERE to print out a Flea Market or Craft Fair Space Rental Form.  Please return them to the church office by Wednesday, 11/7.   Questions? Contact Kim Kraft at 925-216-0329 or email her at  the4krafts@gmail.com